This is a collective of the players, by the players and for the players. We invite all chess players across Kerala to be part of this collective. Let us work together to herald a new player-friendly era in the field of chess.

Chess Kerala is the only state wide chess organization in India with an absolutely democratic, transparent and pro player constitution.

All players, parents of minor players, chess trainers, arbiters and organizers have voting rights.

Rs 10 is kept apart from every entry fee for a Players Welfare Fund.

There are many Commissions which are dedicated to the promotion of chess in various level – Players Commission, Arbiters Commission, Trainers Commission, Chess for School & College Commission, Chess for Women Commission, Chess for the Marginalized Commission.

Office Bearers

President: Prof. N R Anilkumar (Former World Chess Olympiad Player & Senior International Master in Corrsepondence Chess)

Secretary: V N Rajesh (International Rated Player)

Vice Presidents: M B Muralidharan (FIDE Master) Joe Parappilly (Former Indian Player) Dr Vinu Bhaskar (International Rated Player)

Joint Secretaries: Salim Yoosef (International Rated Player) P Sukhesh

Treasurer: K Ramesh (International Rated Player)

Executive Committee Members: Premchand (International Rated Player), K C Sreekumar (International Rated Player), V M Jishore (International Rated Player), E Shihabudeen , Asokan Kurinji