Kerala Chess Collective revolutionized the Kerala chess scenario by organizing many chess tournaments with no entrance fee was charged from the players. Good cash prizes as well as lunch, tea and snacks were provided free of cost.
This players collective also supported a record breaking one day chess tournament in Indian chess history in which over 840 players participated.
This collective was also instrumental in organizing chess tournaments and training camps for the visually challenged
But the players collective did not turn a blind eye towards the corruption going on in chess associations
The collective was also the chief force behind the 2 epoch making FIDE International Rating Tournaments which charged the lowest entry fee while at the same time providing good cash prizes and free accommodation
Arbiter Seminars, Chess Workshops and competitions were conducted all over the state
Chess Kerala offered full support to the Tharappel family to conduct a grand memorial event in Chess Guru T K Joseph’s memory
Chess Kerala showed its social commitment during the hard times of the flood in Kerala