Grand Masters of Tomorrow- Chess Talent Nurture Programme

April 27, 2020

Chess Kerala is extremely honoured that the former World Chess Championship Challenger Grandmaster Nigel Short of England accepted our invitation to come to Kerala and provide valuable experience for our talented young chess players..

Grandmaster Nigel Short was World number 3 player. He is the only player in history to have won tournaments in all 6 continents. He is the Vice President of World Chess Federation and also one of the best chess trainers in the world today.The Grandmaster took chess classes to selected most promising young chess talents of Kerala on 8 December 2019. He also played chess simultaneously against 25 youngsters thus giving them experience of the highest international level.

GM Nigel Short as Chess Kerala’s guest at Eranakulam
GM Nigel Short and IM V Saravanan with the young talents of Chess Nurture Organized by Chess Kerala at Eranakulam
All major dailies gave superb coverage to Chess Kerala’s programme
Kerala’s leading daily Malayala Manorama